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Dairy Products - Muralya Dairy

  • Sachet Curd (500g)

    DOUBLE TONED CURD NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (APPROX VALUE PER 100ML) Parameters Value Energy (Kcal) 49 Protein (g) 3.2 Carbohydrates (g) 5.1 Total fat (g) 1.5 Added Sugar (g) 0.0 Calcium (mg) 125 Shelf Life 15 Days Total trans fat content not more than 0.067 by weight Total saturated fat content not more than 0.93% by weight DESCRIPTION Muralya Curd is processed from the best quality milk, sourced from Muralya’s own farms. Muralya Set Curd has a thick and silky texture making it very popular among curd lovers across Kerala. Curd has for centuries been a part of Kerala’s rich food culture and Muralya curd has made it become an integral part of the daily diet. The soft and smooth texture and mouth feel of Muralya Curd makes it ideal to be consumed alone or can be used as a ngredient for preparing delicious dishes. Muralya Probiotic curd contains beneficial living organisms that boost your immunity and aids in digestion. They also help maintain body weight and helps improve your mental ellbeing. The added probiotic organisms belong to the highest quality LGG type developed by Chr Hansen, an international organisation of great repute. With the introduction of a wellness functional food like Muralya Probiotic Curd, Muralya has once again reinforced its position as Kerala’s first international dairy brand. Muralya Set Curd is available in the market in single serve cups of 90 gm cups & 200 gm cups and 500 gm sachets. Muralya Probiotic Curd is available only in family pack serves of 400 gm cups. Muralya Curd is available at all leading outlets near you.

  • Fortified Milk

    PASTEURISED HOMOGENISED TONED MILK +F (FORTIFIED WITH VITAMIN A& D) NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (APPROX VALUE PER 100ML) Parameters Value Energy (Kcal) 59 Protein (g) 3.1 Carbohydrates (g) 4.5 Total fat (g) 3.0 Calcium (mg) 120 Minerals (g) 0.70 Vitamin A (mcg) 45 Vitamin D (mcg) 0.75 Shelf Life 2 days DESCRIPTION Muralya Milk is a nutrient-rich milk brand which has over the past few years attracted wide acceptance and gained a strong consumer base among health-conscious people by maintaining the highest quality. Upholding the identity of being Kerala’s first nternational dairy brand, Muralya Dairy proudly delivers on the promise by ensuring that Muralya Milk is rich in nutrients like Calcium, Proteins and fortified with Vitamins A and D. Muralya Milk with its numerous benefits is the No.1 choice for milk for customers who value their wellbeing and love to stay healthy. With Milk being sourced from own farms and an approved and monitored farmer base along with the use of a fully automated dairy plant using international quality German technology it assures that the milk reaching you is untouched by hand thereby making Muralya Milk is safe and ideal for consumption. Throughout every stage of production, Muralya Dairy has put in place several sets of quality checks to ensure that topmost quality is maintained as promised.The cold chain is managed right from Milking to delivery at stores level to ensure customer benefit and satisfaction. Enriched with Calcium, Vitamins and Proteins, Muralya Milk is loved by kids and adults alike for its unique taste and the many health & nutrition benefits it offers. Muralya Milk is currently available in 1 litre PET bottles and 450 ml milk sachets in all leading outlets in Trivandrum, Kollam & Ernakulam currently.

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